Fishing Charters Gulf Shores

Inshore Fishing Charter Gulf Shores

Inshore fishing and near shore fishing is the life-blood of Dottiejo Fishing Charters. Staying inshore allows us more time to fish for the many species that call our waters home. Plus, it usually  a lot more enjoyable because we aren’t fighting the big swells that commonly cause our guests sea sickness.

In the shallow waters surrounding the Fort Morgan Peninsula of Gulf Shores, Alabama you will often find redfish, also known as red drum. Redfish are plentiful here and we often catch them measuring in at over 30 inches long. It is always a thrill to reel in what we call “bull reds.” Young and old alike get quite excited as one of these nice fish is landed.

The seasons often dictate the kind of fish we target and catch here on the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. In the spring and fall the cobia (ling or lemonfish) is one prized catches to be had. Cobia can be cooked in many ways and are always delicious.

King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel are to be caught in the summer months, providing great meals for the whole family. King Mackerel are often well over 20 pounds and swim through the water like a high speed torpedo.

Mahi-Mahi are caught here regularly. Often called dolphin by the locals, it is one of the most beautiful game fish you will ever see.

Sheepshead are targeted in the winter months in Gulf Shores. These striped fish give a good fight before they are brought to the surface.

Other fish that can be caught in the area include, bluefish, pompano, speckled trout, and flounder.

Dixey Bar and Redfish

Dixey Bar lies just south of the fort, Fort Morgan. The long shore current along the Fort Morgan Peninsula moves sand from east to west until it meets with the massive flow of water exiting Mobile Bay. This has caused a sand bar to rise to only a few feet below the surface. Here waves crash and currents meet that toss small bait fish and shrimp in all directions and redfish take advantage and feed constantly. This never ending all you can eat seafood buffet fattens the redfish to enormous sizes and makes for fantastic fishing stories of the big fish that didn’t get away.

What to do in Gulf Shores?

Gulf Shores is a wonderful little beach town. There’s something to do for everyone. Shopping is one of the favorite activities for many of our visitors. The souvenir shops near the beach hold wonderful mementos of your stay.

There are fun activities like miniature golf, go-cart tracks and waterparks.

Don’t miss out on Fort Morgan! Fort Morgan is a wonderful place to visit. A previous fort at this location played a part in the War of 1812. It was replaced by Fort Morgan, which played a major part in the Battle of Mobile Bay and was one of the major sea battles of the Civil War. A small museum will give you a nice bit of history, but walking around the fort and climbing the ramparts really brings the history to life.

One of Gulf Shores Best Charter Fishing Services

Captain Joe Garris has been running his charter service for more than 40 years. He knows from experience what fish should be biting what bait, when and where. He loves to put his clients on fish right away, so that you never worry about getting shut out. Safety is one of Captain Joe’s biggest concerns and he would never put your family in any unnecessary danger. He is Coast Guard Certified as a professional charter captain, having undergone training and testing. Your family is in good hands.