Captain Joe Garris is a true professional when it comes to charter fishing in Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan.

Captain Joe has been a charter fishing captain for more than 40 years, but you would never know his age by the way he moves around his boat or hops up on the dock.

In his 40 plus years of fishing along the Alabama coast he has learned a trick or 2 thousand. Joe keeps track of his trips, the time of year, the time of day, tide and weather conditions, what bites what bait, so when you step on board he has a good idea of where to go and what to throw.

Captain Joe told me one of the best parts of his vocation is seeing young people catch their first big fish. The smiles on everyone in the boat, just light up the world.

It’s the memories made on the boat that keep Joe and his clients going. Joe knows you could go to the market and get enough fish to eat, but 10 years from now will you remember anything about that?

Give Captain Joe a call at 251-213-6680 and book you memorable charter today.